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NOORTRUCK in use at torpedo explosions

30. May 2017 / 0 Comments


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BITUNAMEL FELDMANN GMBH offers international services, with a fleet of modern suction trucks, road-tankers and container trucks for tank and ship cleaning as well as waste- and product transport. On the water side, we use offshore-vessels, disposal tankers, tank lighters, tugboats, oil recovery vessels and landing crafts for ship disposal, oil transport and salvage. The company certification and our regular training of our staff ensure a high level of safety and environmental protection for our customers.
BITUNAMEL FELDMANN GMBH was founded in 1965 by Georg Feldmann in Lübeck. In the beginning, the company was preponderantly engaged in cleaning ships and tanks, boilers, as well as rust removal and conservation work for the shipping industry in the greater area of Lübeck, as well as in Kiel and Hamburg. The purchase of a suction truck in the early 1970s meant the company could expand into shore tank and industrial cleaning. Towards the end of the 70s, bunker boats with vacuum installation and steaming systems were purchased for making ship-tank cleaning much easier and faster.
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